Aviation & Aerospace

Kerrville is a growing center for aerospace industry and recreational aviation. With the Kerrville Airport located at Louis Schreiner Field is a mere 10 miles from downtown. Louis Schreiner Municipal Field is a public-use general aviation facility with hangers, storage facilities, and long term parking. Located at the airport is Mooney International Corporation, Dugosh Aviation (aircraft maintenance), the Hill Country Aviation Flight School, Aeromax USA (aircraft appraisal), and Air Evac EMS. 

The Kerrville aviation sector is also home to Mooney International Corporation, an aircraft manufacturer based at Louis Schreiner Field. Mooney first moved to Kerrville in 1953 and has never left the area. Mooney Aircraft is a local standard in aircraft construction and has numerous awards in speed and altitude records.

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

KMM announced their expansion into Kerrville in August 2020. Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing has grown into a business that employs almost 300 people in Killdeer, Dickinson, Regent and Hettinger, and supplies gear to Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and other prominent aerospace companies. Their Kerrville location across from the Kerrville Municipal Airport will employ 400 over the course of the next 20 years. They will continue to supply their existing companies with Fiber Optic Bundles, Circuit Card Assembly and Commercial & Military Cables.

Mooney International

Mooney Aircraft is well known throughout the Hill Country and aviation community for their quality, handcrafted single piston aircrafts made right in the United States. Their Texan crafted airplanes are popular in niche aviation communities, resulting in a loyal fan following. Their fleet has accumulated over 40 million flight hours, a testament to the company that has been around for more than 70 years. Throughout their history, Mooney Aircraft has been known as a leader in aviation innovation.  Their recent change in ownership has provided Mooney International the opportunity to cater to existing Mooney Aircraft owners to assist with parts, service, and upgrades.