City of Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan

Kerrville is a growing community, the home of Schreiner University, James Avery artisan jewelry, the Kerrville Municipal Airport, H-E-B, the Cailloux Center for the Performing Arts, and, of course, the scenic hills and the Guadalupe River. Both long-time residents and recent arrivals have chosen the character and small-town charm of the Hill Country over the chaos of big city life. If current high growth and migration rates continue, the Greater Kerrville area—Kerr County—will be home to nearly 70,000 people by 2050, with more than 45,000 of them living in what is present-day Kerrville and its two-mile extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). Because of

its geographical location, Kerrville has the potential to assume a role of newfound importance in the region. Foresight and a willingness to take on the task of planning for this type of growth is crucial. The Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan is just such an effort.

This document details the process and results of the Kerrville 2050 comprehensive planning effort. It is the product of a community-driven initiative aimed at
moving beyond simply updating previous comprehensive plans. The goal was to create a document with a new perspective, a new vision, and a new strategy for arriving there. Since the plan has a 30-year horizon, it will be important to conduct regular reviews in the coming years to see that the plan maintains its relevance and to sustain the commitment of the community that participated so enthusiastically in its creation.


City of Kerrville 2020 Comprehensive Plan

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