Craft Agriculture

Craft agriculture may not be a term you are familiar with or hear on an everyday basis. However, the concept is basic and one seen throughout the decades of American agriculture. Craft agriculture connects people to the land they are standing on. It wasn’t brought to you by a massive corporation or shipped from a big box company. In Kerrville, it’s beer made from Guadalupe River water. Pork from pigs born and raised in the county. Greens grown on local land. The same products wouldn’t taste or be the same if it was from 10 counties over. Craft agriculture is unique because it captures the essence of the area. 


Kerrville is special. The weekly farmer’s market has three to four hundred visitors every week. The visitors don’t come just for the high quality locally made products but because of something else. The Farmer’s Market is more than a market experience but because its a social experience. Craft agriculture connects people and land together. Its community, not a commodity. 

Kerrville recognizes how craft agriculture makes the area special and unique. Kerrville Economic Development Corporation agrees and seeks to attract craft agriculture producers to the area. Whether you raise animals or make cheese, the Kerrville Economic Development Corporation would love to talk to you about bringing your slice of craft agriculture to Kerr County.