Article by: Dave Hirschman, AOPA Pilot Editor at large

About 40 employees based in Chino were focused on designing and building the two-seat M10J and M10 Trainers.  Mooney intends to continue moving forward on those projects, but there’s no timetable for completing or certifying them.


“The M10 concept is very important to our investor group.” said Lance Phillips, a Mooney marketing executive.  “It’s extremely important.”

Mooney has been owned by the Meijing Group, a Chinese real estate conglomerate, since 2013, and the company planned to manufacture M10s in China.


At Kerrville, where Mooney builds four-seat M20 Ovations and Acclaim Ultras, the company has sold all seven of the two-door models currently in production.  Money officials declined to discuss how many additional airplanes have been sold, or the size of its production backlog.

Mooney has gone through a series of boom-and-bust cycles during more than 60 years of aircraft production at Kerrville.  The Kerrville factory endured a five-year period of forced hibernation that ended in 2013 with a large-scale investment from China.


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