Our cost of housing is 18 percent lower than the national average, with an average home price of $188,600. A unique aspect of Kerrville is how many homes in the area have incorporated local raw materials to add to the stonework structure and ranch-style designs of the Texas Hill Country.

The construction a new middle school in the city’s outer loop has opened a new area for growth. Developers and home builders are already investing in the area and beginning to break ground for new subdivisions, homes and mixed-use developments.

Nearly 10,000 homes / apartment units in Kerrville

  • 55 percent own their homes
  • 45 percent rent homes / units

Types of Homes

  • 63 percent single-family homes
  • 31 percent apartments / townhomes
  • 6 percent other

Home Appreciation 2007-2017

  • Increased by nearly 20 percent in 10 years, while the U.S. average has decreased by .68 percent.
  • Appreciation has increased by 4.97 percent in the last year only.