Kerrville has Schreiner University and Alamo Colleges, where employers can draw from for their workforce needs. Schreiner University is a four-year institution where 96% of its student population boasts of a 3.25 GPA or higher. More than 1,200 undergraduate students are enrolled at Schreiner, with the following breakdown:

Health Profession                    40%

Business                                  11%

Fitness                                    10%

Biological                                10%

Psychology                               9%

The university graduated 270 students in May 2018 and has internship programs that many of its students with area employers, both in the public and private sectors. Outside of their internship programs, many students work part-time outside of the university.


Alamo Colleges of San Antonio has a branch in Kerrville, which specializes in 2-year programs and is known for custom building its programs for industry and the private sector. In San Antonio, Alamo Colleges’ main campus is located near the Toyota Truck Manufacturing Plant in the city’s south side, where the college provides a pipeline of talent through its AMT program (Advanced Manufacturing Technology). In Kerrville, Alamo Colleges is recognized for its nursing and welding programs.