James Avery

Everyone in the Hill Country is familiar with James Avery. Take a quick look around the Hill Country and you will see James Avery jewelry on everyone. James Avery Jewelry is more than pieces of artisan jewelry but cherished pieces full of memories and history handed down through generations. 

James Avery Artisan Jewelry got their start in 1954 after Mr. Avery realized how special the Hill Country is. He moved from the Midwest and started his company in a small two-car garage in Kerrville. Since their start, James Avery has expanded to 5 manufacturing plants in the Hill Country, 83 retail locations across 5 states, and nationally through select Dillards and their online retail site. 2019 marks the 65th anniversary of the company. 

James Avery continues to be a family-owned company and is still vertically integrated- doing everything from manufacturing to marketing in house. The company has grown dramatically over the years. They experienced a $13 million dollar growth over a ten year period in the mid-seventies and never stopped expanding their brand and reach. San Antonio News has reported the company making $156 million a year in 2012. James Avery Artisan Jewelry believes in supporting the local community and has made the Hill Country their home. James Avery was commissioned by the San Antonio Archdiocese for communion vessels used during Pope John Paul II’s visit. Their Kerrville location has a visitors center with replicas of the vessels along with other historic items from the company over the years. James Avery Artisan Jewelry had a humble beginning but has since grown to be a respected, popular business within the community.