Getting a drink is purposely tough in parts of Kerr County, but that may change

Slim Bethune has got a prospering business with his roadside saloon and arena called Gravity Check, but he also knows his business could be even better if he wasn’t limited by some archaic drinking laws that restrict what he can serve.

In Kerr County’s Precinct 2, alcohol sales are limited to 5% beer and that’s about it.

“No, sir I can’t serve you a margarita,” Bethune responds when asked if he can serve anything that isn’t beer.

Last Friday, Bethune’s Gravity Check hosted a meeting that featured Kerr County Precinct 2 Commissioner Tom Moser, the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce and other businesses who would like to see the restriction lifted.

The businesses have formed a group called Precinct 2 Prosperity Progam, which is working toward overturning the limitations through a ballot measure, but to do it they need more than 2,000 signatures to get there. It’s an effort that has failed three times previously.

This form of partially dry local areas dates back to Texas’ founding and is a holdover from Prohibition, which was overturned in 1933 nationally but not in Texas until 1935.

Gravity Check is one of four businesses, including Toucan Jims and Camp Verde, backing the measure. However, the implications of overturning it also would impact the Hill Country Youth Event Center, which is restricted on what it can do with alcohol for events held there.

“The community has been great,” said Claudia Richards, who is leading the effort on behalf of the businesses. “The Chamber has been supportive.”

In reality, Bethune’s business has been successful and he’s uncertain how the change in the law will impact him in the future.

“That’s to be determined,” he said. “If we get the law changed I will let you know.”